Marketing is a critical component to be a truly successful company. Short videos provide entertainment, information in a very accessible manner so you can reach and increase your potential audience.  We take quality and attention to detail very seriously, ensuring that our clients are happy with the final product. We have our services broken down into different categories, but we are not limited to just this. There is a  bit of crossover between corporate, broadcast, and documentary. If you have something in mind that isn't on our website please contact us to go over your needs.

Matt Ruggles shooting BTS for Chaselight on the set of McGuyver.

Matt Ruggles shooting BTS for Chaselight on the set of McGuyver.

Event Video Production

We are well versed in corporate event video. There are many components that need to come together for a successful production.  Does your corporate event or meeting allow you to interview some employees or potentially clients? If so these are great opportunities to gather elements for a video showcasing your products and/or services. With your clients spread throughout the country and maybe worldwide, a testimonial video can show potential clients your abilities and services.


Instructional Video Production

Most people are visual and the best way to teach is to show.  Instructional or Training Videos are often used to feature a product (what it is and how it's used), demonstrate a process or introduce a useful tutorial. 7th Wave Pictures is committed to providing the highest quality work so you receive a final product that provides the best learning experience!

Promotional Video Production

Social Media Examiner states that 93% of businesses use social media to market their company.  Hop that train to increase your company's exposure, connect and interact with clients, and create relationships with current and future clients. Short promotional videos can help you stay fresh and relevant in your industry. Even clients already with you may not know your full capabilities so it is important to have some short promotional videos produced. 


Broadcast video production

7th Wave Pictures has worked on many TV shows over the years. Technology is always changing and it is a lot of work just to keep up with the latest innovations. We have an array of video cameras, DSLR's, lighting, and audio. We shoot in HD and have the capability to shoot 4K when needed. If we don't have the particular equipment in our arsenal that you require we can still often times accommodate your technical needs.