Corporate Video


Corporate identity video

7th Wave Pictures core business is in the corporate environment. Over the years we have created probably hundreds of corporate identity pieces. Our clients understand the power of corporate video to showcase their business whether it is products and/or services. A company profile video, or an explainer video can give a site visitor an overview beyond what content would offer. You are creating content that helps support and showcase your brand! Many of the videos we have done are interview based accompanied by graphics, narration, music, and b-roll. How can we help you achieve a highly effective and impactful video for your company? 

keys to a successful video

The key to establishing credability with potential clients is by putting your best foot forward. We strongly feel that having short 1 to 3 minute videos can impart a good amount of information in a way that words can not. What goes into a video is up to you and 7th Wave Pictures can provide assistance and tips in this regard. Once you have a video in place you may find that you want to create more. We specialize in creating short, creative, and compelling videos that achieve your goals. Who is your audience? what is your message?


b2b video - How can it help?

According to a recent survey conducted by Social Media Examiner, 93% of businesses now use social media – including online video distribution on channels such as YouTube and Vimeo – to market their company. Social media is an increasingly popular way to stay connected and be interactive. A big part of social media is utilizing promotional video to stay fresh and relevant in your industry.

booking a crew to cover an event

Many companies host or attend corporate seminars and conventions to meet potential clients by showcasing their products and services. There are many reasons to shoot an event and the resulting footage can be applied for different purposes. We can also provide full editorial services! Find out how a booking a crew with 7th Wave Pictures can lead to big returns!