Broadcast Video Services

A 2 camera setup for the TV Show Crime Watch Daily through Chaselight.

A 2 camera setup for the TV Show Crime Watch Daily through Chaselight.

7th Wave Pictures shoots broadcast

From time to time we will shoot interviews with music artists, actors, athletes, and other celebrities for TV shows like ET, ET Insider, network news, ID, ESPN, A&E, MTV, Comedy Central and others. An interview with Mr. Hank Aaron was used in part for the ESPN 30 for 30 "Believeland." 

Our core team has experience in a variety of types of shows but the majority of it is interview based. The picture above was one of several interviews for the show Crime Watch Daily. It was a 2 camera setup with the correspondent and our interviewee. This particular episode on the heroin epidemic was one of their highest rated shows airing in January of 2017.

experience and dedication 

It goes without saying that experience does make a big difference. At 7th Wave Pictures we have worked with hundreds of celebrities and shot for a variety of TV show, network news programs, and documentary based content. When we talk about dedication it is taking the experience and putting it with a commitment to tell impactful stories. Knowing how to be professional, discrete, and respectful around a person who is sharing very  personal subject matter is important. We go into situations like these with empathy and that is sometime overlooked by a less experienced crew that just want to capture footage. 

ET Audio

right equipment for the job

There are so many video cameras out there right now it is a full time job just to keep up with the latest and greatest. 10 years ago everything was shot on film or standard definition equipment. Now  get to enjoy watching TV on giant wide screen TV's in HD. Gone are VHS players and even DVD players will be phased out in favor of Blu Ray. In terms of equipment many producers are looking for 4K content. There are already cameras out there shooting 8K and up. When will it end?

At 7th Wave Pictures we may not have the latest camera in our inventory but we do have access to other cameras. Know that we work very well with our inventory of cameras and we can accommodate requests for other cameras and equipment.