7th Wave Pictures owner Matt Ruggles on location in Atlanta.

7th Wave Pictures owner Matt Ruggles on location in Atlanta.


How did 7th Wave Pictures start?

7th Wave Pictures formed in 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia by me, Matt Ruggles. 

I started working in the broadcast video rental business as a rental coordinator. In this position I rented  broadcast gear to networks, productions companies, and freelancers. I already had a basis with my degree and the hands on with the video and audio gear provided further knowledge.  By the beginning of 2002 business had taken a significant downturn and I was laid off along with several other colleagues. It was a kick in the butt to pursue my interests. In March of 2003 I setup an Atlanta-based video production company and part of that was selecting a name. What does one do? Well, I took to my CD collection and started looking at song titles to see if something struck me. 7th Wave was a song by a band called That Petrol Emotion and I added Pictures to the end of it. A Wave was born!

What does 7th Wave Pictures do?

While we do work in many different areas I feel that our strongest work is in storytelling. Really anyone can go out there and shoot video but there is so much that goes into making it good. Our approach may not be unique but we see more than our fair share of bad videos and we simply can't contribute to that! 

The majority of our work is in the corporate arena but we have done a wide variety of work and that keeps it interesting. As someone who spends a lot of time behind the camera I have shot for other production companies, network news, crewing companies, and TV shows.

How can we help you?

We want to help you achieve your vision. If you don't quite know what the vision is then we can also help with that. This website has many videos to show what we have done for other clients but that doesn't necessarily help you. It only serves to show our quality of work. We want to get an understanding of your project and see how we can work together to achieve your goals. No job is the same and we take each job as if it is a new canvas ready to be painted.